Ways to get happiness – Do gardening, eat healthy, exercise

1. Spend time gardening – It might make you smarter too!

Mycobacterium vaccae is a natural soil bacterium which people likely ingest or breath in when they spend time in nature,” says Dorothy Matthews of The Sage Colleges in Troy, New York, who conducted the research with her colleague Susan Jenks.

Previous research studies on M. vaccae showed that heat-killed bacteria injected into mice stimulated growth of some neurons in the brain that resulted in increased levels of serotonin and decreased anxiety.

2. Eat Bananas, Fruits, turkey and nuts. These all have a compound called tryptophan, a protein that converts to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Low levels of serotonin is believed to cause depression and other mood disorders. It’s also linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

3. Eat carbohydrates, chocolate for immediate boost in serotonin.

4. Exercise increases happiness.
According to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, of the United Kingdom, exercise increases brain serotonin function in humans. A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology revealed that there are two mechanisms by which physical activity increases brain serotonin. First, motor activity increases the rate and frequency at which serotonin is “fired” within the brain, resulting in an increase in both the release and synthesis of it. Secondly, regular exercise increases the level of tryptophan in the brain (an amino acid used to manufacture serotonin). The exact mechanism is not clearly understood; however, it is clear that aerobic exercise improves mood through increasing brain serotonin levels.
Of course, it’s well known fact that exercise increases endorphins, which also make you happy. May be too happy.
5. Spicy food? – Spicy food also increases endorphins but I can’t yet find scientific evidence that spicy food increase serotonin levels or tryptophan.(please point me towards scientific article if you find one)

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