Happiness, sadness, loneliness, … more things are contagious than just disease

Happiness definitely is contagious.
Is loneliness contagious
kindness begets more kindness
sadness is contagious

There may be a literal truth underlying the common-sense intuition that happiness and sadness are contagious.

A new study on the spread of emotions through social networks shows that these feelings circulate in patterns analogous to what’s seen from epidemiological models of disease.

Data in the research, in the July 7 Proceedings of the Royal Society, comes from the Framingham Heart Study, a one-of-a-kind project which since 1948 has regularly collected social and medical information from thousands of people in Framingham, Massachusetts.
Earlier analyses found that a variety of habits and feelings, including kindness, hatred, obesity, loneliness, smoking and happiness appear to be contagious.

Happiness proved less social than sadness. Each happy friend increased an individual’s chances of personal happiness by 11 percent, while just one sad friend was needed to double an individual’s chance of becoming unhappy.

Sadness is contagious is not a new concept This is theological and philosophical reasoning for the same thing. Only the study from Harvard University above is a more scientific approach.
Surround yourself with happy people, fill your day with happy thoughts, smile in the morning – all of these will make you a little happier.

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