biological warfare against pests

Good idea? Humans have been trying to use insects, plants and other ways to fight bugs but now that the world is more flat, they are introducing more and more species from different parts of the world. Is this a short time benefit that will have dramatic unknown impact on the environment?
Scientists introduce wasps in Thailand to combat mealybug which destroys cassava crops
Note the interesting fact that this bug itself is not native to Asia and Africa.
Here this wikipedia article covers the dangers of biological pest control while outlining the benefits. I would say the harm that can be done by introducing new species in areas where they don’t exist far outweighs the benefits.
More research is needed in this complex area.

The pest is the cassava mealybug, known to scientists as Phenacoccus manihoti. Originally from South America, it feeds only on cassava, sucking sap from the plants and causing them to shrivel. Also a South American native, cassava was carried by Portuguese traders to Africa and Asia, where it thrived in the absence of the insect pests that inhabit its home territory.

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