One possible cause of Schizophrenia found? Scary but raises hope at the same time.

Link between schizophrenia and microbe Taxoplasma gondii that invades the brian
Cause for Schizophrenia can be genetic or environmental factors. Yolken is among the researchers worldwide examining whether certain viral infections can increase the risk of developing the illness. Other studies have focused on flu and herpes viruses as possible triggers.
If the disorder is strictly genetic it should long have disappeared as they don’t reproduce very well. This is because they are too sick, locked up or they are killed. So scientists are looking for external factors that make it more prevelant than it should be.
“Humans can get infected either directly (from contact with cat feces), or from eating the (undercooked) meat of an animal that was itself infected by a cat,” Yolken said. Some toxoplasmosis outbreaks have been traced to water supplies contaminated by cat feces.

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