Malaria prevention – Hide from the mosquitoes

Easier said than done.  Scientists are still trying to understand how mosquitoes find us – humans. They know that mosquitoes track us through sense of smell but how exactly is till now a mystery.  A good understanding of mosquitoes smell receptor mechanism will lead to better mosquito repellent or let us hide to prevent spread of killer diseases like malaria, dengue fever, west-nile virus etc.

article tries to shed light on this.
However, there is more research needed to identify the specific combination of odors given out by humans that attract mosquitoes to them.
The basic problem facing the mosquito searching for human prey – and the humans who are trying to figure out how it does it – is that none of the hundreds of odors given off by humans are necessarily unique. They are actually produced by the bacteria that live on human skin. But these bacteria live on other animals as well. So the current theory is that mosquitoes must identify a blend of different odorants that provide a unique signature for humans. Determining the way that the AgIRs work may be the key to identifying such a signature and that, in turn, could be the key to developing non-toxic, ecologically benign methods for combating malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

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