Patients are skipping primary care and going to emergency care

This news is very interesting. More and more Americans prefer to skip going to their primary care physician and end up going to emergency care because of the lack of attention and care they are getting from their primary care physician.
This is not good news for America’s often understaffed and extremely busy emergency rooms, according to an article published in Health Affairs.

I can totally relate to this. I ended up in ER because my primary care physician ignore when it was real emergency and should have acted with more urgency. What would have cost the system a few 100 dollars and me speedy recovery resulted in pain and cost to everyone because of my primary physician’s lack of attention to the details. Precious hours were wasted. His response later when asked? I can’t treat everyone as an emergency. But if he understood that we go to the doctor for that judgement and he should treat every case as special not routine, I wouldn’t want to go to emergency but instead put my trust in him (or her).
No wonder people using primary care is declining.

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