Microphtography is very interesting

Beauty exists at such tiny scales. Is fuzzy and fractal structure beautiful at any scale? Or is it that our brain is likes fuzziness because of the way our brain is wired (complex, emerging system) that we find beauty in fractal objects as opposed to man made euclidean geometry?
The micro photography competition in NationalGeographics.Com is a pleasure to see and enjoy.

BTW – this particular photo is HeLa cells into which green florescent protein has been inserted genetically). HeLa cells are named after Henrietta Locks – a woman who died of cervical cancer in 1951. However, her cancerous cells are preserved and are allowed to multiply in laboratories all over the world. These cells which are immortal by all definition of immortality as long as they are fed, have helped us understand a lot about cancer, how it starts, what role various genes and proteins play in making them immortal etc.).

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