Can you imagine the tiniest and the largest things in the world?

No need to imagine. Click on this link.
What lies to the left of the tiny and to the right of the mega? No one knows. Playing with this link gives you the impression that the space between different dimensions is void. It’s a continuum. However, the quest of religion and science mingle here. Both are trying in different ways to explain the unknown and in some cases unknowable. One tries to understand, analyze and imagine but all the time grounded in the five senses. However, the other tries to imagine and where imagination can’t be supported by evidence, relies on trust and belief.
Strange that Strings in string theory, Quantum foam, estimated size of the universe etc. all are like religious theories rather than science with one difference, they are only accepted (no faith and trust me kind of logic sells) when proven beyond doubt using five senses. (Scientists do get religious about their theories but the topic is getting too philosophical for my taste)

Why is it so difficult to look beyond the limits? Is it complexity of the model that can’t be computed by any possible machinery, is the limitation of the senses, is it that the computation is not possible because there is no machinery available in the universe that can model itself? Either way, it’s fascinating and it’s a good thing that this is beyond science because what good is a quest if you reach it. The destination is not as exciting as the journey itself, especially in this case where the journey is a never ending one. However, there is immense beauty along the way.

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