Is exercise is good for a sound body? How much and what kind?

Of course, exercise is good for us. How much – the more we do the better. (It’s important to not over do and injure ourselves so have a trainer who understands what to do and how much to do, especially if you are doing strength training)
Variety is also very good.
More important than the quantity and quality, being regular is far more imortant. So the recommendation is have a regiment that involves cardio (steady and interval training), strength training. Introduce variety into the routine so that you build endurance and strength.

Physician Bill Yates asked some of the same questions on his blog last month, and a team led by Lars Nybo has come up with with a partial answer, in research published in this month’s issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The researchers divided 36 men into three groups, which did one of three types of intense exercise for 12 weeks: Steady running, interval running, or weight training. The steady runners ran one hour per day. Interval runners did a five-minute warm-up, followed by five, two-minute intervals (with rests in between). The strength trainers lifted weights for an hour, focusing on their legs. Each group worked out three times per week.

The researchers found improvements in all three groups—but in different measures of fitness. Interval trainers improved maximum oxygen uptake, the body’s capacity to use oxygen during exercise, while steady runners and weight-trainers didn’t. Steady runners improved their ratio of HDL (“good” cholesterol) to total cholesterol, while the others didn’t. Both running groups improved their blood glucose levels. Steady runners lost weight and decreased body-fat percentage, while strength trainers gained weight and increased muscle mass.

Of course, exercise is known to increases serotonin production. Exercise is not only good for a sound body but sound mind too! (Check out other news items on this blog – tags happiness and exercise.)

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