Airport security is looking for resistance and you are in trouble if it does not meet

The facts about TSA scanners are familiar to most people. There have been a lot of protests and complaints about them. There is an alternative to being exposed to a total stranger. Go for a pat down search. Uptil now, it’s been a good alternative for some. Because the pat down is restricted, they do it with the back of their hand and avoid probing privates etc. TSA is going to “change” the procedure for patdown until restistance is met.
Read this article and the “pressing details“. Not sure how true they are because these are all quotations from someone who talked to a TSA official etc.
However, there are changes being announced in the TSA patting procedures.
Better to be scanned if you don’t enjoy being touched by a total stranger in “inappropriate” places “inappropriately”. You will get whereever you want to go safer, though only a little bruised.

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