Garbage in – garbage out

I should have categorized this under non-science…
This publication states that a wandering mind is unhappy mind. The method of research is based on

  • survey of 2250 individuals
  • ages ranging from 18 to 88
  • Most of them living in United states

This sounds like a mechanical turk experiment that someone on a limited budget or non-scientific method would run.
There are a lot of problems with this study that seem obvious:

  • Small sample
  • Not a controlled sample
  • Big generalization
  • Not a long term observation
  • No MRI studies to show that wandering is the cause of the unhappiness.
  • In the first place I don’t understand how they can define wandering, when the activities that the subjects are involved in themselves are not easy ones to focus the mind.

I can’t believe "Science" actually published "research" like this. 100s of sites, news papers for the last couple days have been reproducing the same article without ever looking at how scientific is the Science article.

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