Smoking is injurious to your health and everyone around you. So stop it!!!

Smoking is banned in most public places. That’s great for non-smokers and even for smokers. Second hand smoke is harmful.
Statistics show that this is a fact.
More statistics about Tobacco Use
•Worldwide, tobacco use causes nearly 5 million deaths per year.
•Current trends show that tobacco use will cause more than 10 million deaths annually by 2020.
•Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States.
•In the United States, cigarette smoking is responsible for about one in five deaths annually, or about 438,000 deaths per year.
•An estimated 38,000 of these deaths are the result of secondhand smoke exposure.
•On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers.
•For every person who dies of a smoking-related disease, 20 more people suffer with at least one serious illness from smoking.
Current (some of these are from 2002 and as such not so current) estimates of secondhand smoke exposure
•Exposure to nicotine and secondhand smoke is measured by testing the saliva, urine or blood for the presence of a chemical called cotinine. Cotinine is a byproduct of nicotine metabolization, and tobacco is the only source of this marker.
•From 1988-1991 to 2001-2002, the proportion of nonsmokers with detectable levels cotinine was halved (from 88% to 43%).
•Over that same time period, cotinine levels in those who were exposed to secondhand smoke fell by 70%.
•More than 126 million nonsmoking Americans continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke in homes, vehicles, workplaces and public places.
•Most exposure to tobacco smoke occurs in homes and workplaces.
•Almost 60% of U.S. children aged 3-11 years—or almost 22 million children—are exposed to secondhand smoke.
•The California Environmental Protection Agency estimates that secondhand smoke exposure causes approximately 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 22,700-69,600 heart disease deaths annually among adult nonsmokers in the United States.
•Each year in the United States, secondhand smoke exposure is responsible for 150,000-300,000 new cases of bronchitis and pneumonia in children aged less than 18 months. This results in 7,500-15,000 hospitalizations, annually.
Some of these anti-smoking ads are very effective messages. Cool Photoshop effects too!
Smoking gun?

This article on smoking bans in seed magazine misses the point behind smoking ban in public places. The main purpose is to stop second-hand smoke. I remember only 20 years ago how everywhere you go you have to adjust to the smoke, smell and general lack of oxygen. Now even though the world pollution is still a problem, at least the air is not replaced by second-hand smoke.
I say smoking bans have been very effective, keep them coming. So are smoking is injurious to your health ads. Instead of asking for cigarette manufactures to put warnings, tax them more and even more. That would be a deterrent.

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