The idea of combining genetics and our own immune response that might enable us to finally win the war against bacterial infections

Bacteria are the most adaptive species on the planet. They continuously mutate and as such any antibiotic treatment that we come up with they can develop immunity to. It’s like a war where the enemy is 100 times smarter and adaptive than us. Whatever antibiotic – starting with Penicillin – we come up with the bacteria in a short time of a few years become immunte to them. These antibiotic restistant bacteria are much more dangerous and virulant than their normal cousins. Karl Miller has an idea that might very well work.

Here is what he said in the interview on this topic in Seed Magazine"

My work with PCR allowed for the invention by Craig Tuerk of nucleic aptamers, which are tiny binding molecules that can be designed to attach themselves to harmful bacteria. However, instead of attaching a poison to the other end of the aptamer—as the silver-bullet strategy would call for—I put something on there that is a target for our immune system, a chemical compound with which the immune system is already familiar and to which it is very strongly immune. What you end up with is a drug that will drag this thing to which you are highly immune over to some bacteria you don’t want in your body. And your immune system will attack and kill it."

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